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provided by:

city funeral service

23 lockwood avenue
yonkers, ny

914 963-4499

Direct Cremation Service:


Initial Response and Placing of Deceased into Our Care

Gathering of Necessary Information

Providing Responsible Party with Required Authorization Forms and Disclosures

 Cremation Approval by the NYC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner 

Cardboard Alternative Container

Completing and submitting Certificate of Death to NYC Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene

Transportation from City Funeral Service to the Crematory



  The Woodlawn Cemetery located in The Bronx will perform the cremation.

  The cremains will be returned to the party designated in the authorization forms provided at the time service arrangements are completed, using the US Postal Service.

NYC Dept. of Health:

$  78.75

One Certified Copy of the Certificate of Death - $15.00

Cremation Permit - $40.00

NYC DOHMH eVital System Usage Fee - $6.75

Delivery of Copies to You from NYC DOHMH - $17.00

You Pay:


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